antioch assembly

/ˈæntɪˌɒk - əˈsɛmbli/

we are a community of people gathered in one place for a common purpose; a community that carries the Antioch Hub DNA of growing in the five-fold gifts and going into the seven mountains to bring His Kingdom into all spheres of society..


1. Church; Ekklesia

Assembly Times

6.30pm, Saturday

Assembly updates are announced on the Antioch Assembly group or the Antioch Hub page. You may also email for information.


Antioch Hub
08-55 CT Hub 2
114 Lavender St
Singapore 338729


Join us for pre-assembly worship & prayer at 6.30pm every Saturday night. We believe in the power of prayer and want to contend for His tangible presence to be in our gatherings. After all, His presence is the reason we gather.